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Reasons for Grading
Grading should be viewed as a marker along the road you are travelling. It gives you an idea of how far you have come and how far the next step might be. The length of time between these steps will be different for each person depending on the amount of time you can devote to training,
regularity of training, prior experience, and innate ability. It is important that you don’t let  yourself get caught up in “the belt race”. Remember that if you are training with the right spirit,  then every day you will become better at the art of karate and as an individual.  
It is always good practice to be prepared, this means that you should practice all your movements forward and backward and starting with both the left and right sides. Remember that an examiner may choose to ask you to perform additional techniques or to show your understanding of a technique. Always be prepared.

More information on the SKIF Ireland grading syllabus can be found here.

Hatsuun Jindo
Parting the clouds, seeking the way

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