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Kata and kumite are the same thing, just presented differently

Photo Credit:  Linda Bulloch, SKIA

Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho, 8th Dan, was born in May 1972 and is the eldest son of the late Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke.  Kancho (隊長) means head or captain, and it is this role that Kanazawa Kancho fulfils for SKIF, he frequently travels the world hosting seminars and gradings.


Kancho was educated at Taisho University and began Karate in his teenage years, quickly finding his natural talent in the process.  Renowned for his prowess in competition, he has won many notable championships over the years including 2 Gold medals at the SKIF World Championships in Bali in 2000, taking the both the heavyweight gold and the coveted title of Grand Champion.  Kancho also won Silver at the 1994 SKIF World Championships in Yokahama, Japan and has a plethora of domestic titles, including winning the SKIF All Japan championships 5 consecutive times (1996-2000), as well as the All-Styles Japan National Karate Championship in 2004, the Metropolitan Championship 3 times and the JKF All Japan Championship 6 times.


Kanazawa Kancho visits the Ireland regularly to conduct training and grading seminars exclusively for SKIF members.  

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