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“There are two sides to every technique, and if you do not know both sides, then you will lack an understanding for one-half of these techniques” – Manabu Murakami Shuseki Shihan

Manabu Murakami Shuseki Shihan, 8th Dan is the current SKIF Chief Instructor, having previously won the SKIF world Championships an impressive three times.  Murakami Shuseki Shihan visits Ireland regularly for seminars, courses and gradings.


Born on 1st October 1966 in Kyushu, an island off the south of Japan.  He started practicing Karate at the age of 9 years with JKA instructor Maruo Sensei.  When Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke formed SKIF he immediately followed and joined his organisation.  Murakami Shuseki Shihan studied at the infamous Takusoku university in Tokyo where previously Kanazawa Soke had studied.  When graduating he took the two year SKIF Instructors course at the central SKIF Dojo and has remained there to this day.


In giving guidance to all students, Manabu Murakami Shuseki Shihan said “you should have fun practicing Karate and if you motivate yourself you will get better each time. Look for that motivation which will stimulate you to enjoy it, then you will go far”.

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