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About Renshukan


Mayfield Renshukan is a traditional Shotokan karate club and was founded in 1971 by the late Abe McCarthy Sensei (8th Dan).  Martin O' Keeffe Sensei (6th Dan) is the current Chief Instructor at Mayfield Renshukan, assisted by Adrian Cotter Sensei (5th Dan) under the watchful eye of Greg Manning Sensei (7th Dan).

Mayfield Renshukan is the Cork location for the National Grading and Training Seminars with Kanazawa Kancho and Murakami Shuseki Shihan.  Over the years many highly respected Senseis from Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation HQ in Tokyo, have visited and trainied students in Mayfield Renshukan.  The most notable being the highly respected late Hirokazu Kanazawa Soke 10th Dan, Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho 8th Dan, Manabu Murakami Shuseki Shihan 8th Dan, Suzuki Sensei 7th Dan, Daizo Kanazawa Sensei 6th Dan, and many more.

Why choose Mayfield Renshukan Karate Club?

The study of Shotokan Karate is a great way to keep fit, build confidence and make new friends.  All the while learning a traditional martial art.  With discipline, respect and self-control among our core values, lessons learnt in the dojo cross-over into valued life skills outside of it.  Mayfield Renshukan Karate Club also teaches self-defence.  Shotokan Karate provides a very effective and solid self-defence base.  We offer opportunities to compete in regional and national competitions.  We also provide opportunities to train with the Irish National Squad, opening up the opportunity to compete on the international stage.

Mayfield Renshukan is a registered SKIF-Ireland dojo and has been affiliated with Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation since 1978.  SKIF is one of the world’s largest Shotokan karate bodies, whose senior instructors are some of the best and most renowned karateka in the world.  All blackbelts at the club have been graded by Japanese Instructors and are registered at Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation HQ in Tokyo Japan.

Mayfield Renshukan is a completely inclusive, non-discriminatory club.  We welcome all ages and backgrounds…we are a club for everyone in the community.

Arcadia Ballroom, Cork (circa '90s). Demonstration featuring Martin O'Keeffe Sensei, Adrian Cotter Sensei and Stuart Manning. Video courtesy of Kevin Sullivan Sensei.



Class Times
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Monday 7 - 8pm Beginners / 8 Years +

Monday 7 - 9pm All Grades

Friday 7 - 8pm Beginners / 8 Years +

Friday 7 - 9pm All Grades



Fully Garda Vetted 

Contact Us


+353 83 139 8179  |

Mayfield Sports Complex,

Old Youghal Road, Mayfield,

Cork, Ireland

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